Fiscal year number26th27th28th29th30th
Sales (thousand yen)30,340,4994,126,2925,337,1115,300,8017,640,243
Ordinary profit(loss) (thousand yen)253,129-552,764131,745728,455612,798
Current net profit(loss) (thousand yen)-2,857,576-6,060,250392,067661,490632,348
Net assets (thousand yen)7,484,228140,680481,9154,213,0797,266,269
Total assets (thousand yen)30,130,8854,606,1461,980,8255,436,82711,022,789
Current net profit(loss) per share(yen)-34.60-38.991.612.401.77
Capital adequacy ratio (%)8.61.921.772.065.9
Number of employees1,444493411679710
Fiscal year endMarch 2015October 2015October 2016October 2017October 2018


1. A stock was divided by the percentage of 100 stocks about a stock of general stock on October 1, 2013.

2. The accounting period was changed on October 31 from March 31 by the extraordinary stockholder's meeting resolution which is holding on October 1, 2015. The 27th stage is 7 months from April 1, 2015 to October 31, 2015.