Financial Statement Information

Condensed consolidated balance sheet

(Unit: million yen)
  Year ended October 2017Year ended October 2018
  Current assets
   Cash and deposits2,0712,482
   Notes and accounts receivable—trade1,0571,123
   Work in process3428
   Short-term loans receivable6276
   Accounts receivable—other3439
   Virtual currencies-274
   Deposits paid122820
   Allowance for doubtful accounts-63-78
   Total current assets3,3804,905
  Non-current assets
   Property, plant and equipment
    Buildings and structures272274
     Accumulated depreciation-43-60
     Buildings and structures, net228214
    Machinery, equipment and vehicles99
     Accumulated depreciation-8-8
     Machinery, equipment and vehicles, net00
    Tools, furniture and fixtures193281
     Accumulated depreciation-64-119
     Tools, furniture and fixtures, net129161
    Lease assets1111
     Accumulated depreciation-10-11
     Lease assets, net00
     Construction in progress-2
    Total property, plant and equipment505525
   Intangible assets
    Total intangible assets261252
   Investments and other assets
    Investment securities1,0394,983
    Investments in capital4154
    Long-term loans receivable169141
    Allowance for doubtful accounts-182-160
    Total investments and other assets1,2895,338
   Total non-current assets2,0566,117
  Total assets5,43611,022
  Current liabilities
   Notes and accounts payable—trade194252
   Short-term loans payable-2,000
   Current portion of long-term loans payable227145
    Accounts payable—other240194
   Income taxes payable205
   Lease obligations0-
   Provision for bonuses100234
   Total current liabilities8833,415
  Non-current liabilities
   Long-term loans payable277236
   Deferred tax liabilities255
   Total non-current liabilities340341
  Reserves under special laws
   Reserve for financial instruments transaction liabilities-0
   Total reserves under special laws-0
  Total liabilities1,2233,756
  Shareholders' equity
   Capital stock7,7751,000
   Capital surplus12,6107,663
   Retained losses-16,486-1,496
   Treasury shares-88-88
   Total shareholders' equity3,8097,078
  Accumulated other comprehensive income
   Valuation difference on other available-for-sale securities288
   Deferred gains or losses on hedges--0
   Foreign currency translation adjustment100100
   Total accumulated other comprehensive income102188
  Non-controlling interests300-
  Total net assets4,2137,266
  Total liabilities and net assets5,43611,022

Condensed consolidated profit and loss statement

(Unit: million yen)

  Year ended October 2017Year ended October 2018
  Net sales5,3007,640
  Cost of sales4,4246,618
  Gross profit8751,021
  Selling, general and administrative expenses5791,417
  Operating income or Operating loss296-395
  Non-operating income
   Interest income610
   Gain on sales of investment securities-100
   Gain on sales of cryptocurrencies27426
   Gain on sales of cryptocurrencies71915
   Reversal of allowance for doubtful accounts87-
   Total non-operating income4591,087
  Non-operating expenses
   Interest paid2215
   Commission fees356
   Total non-operating expenses2878
  Ordinary income728612
  Extraordinary income
   Gain on sales of investment securities9126
   Reversal of allowance for doubtful accounts126
   Gain on change in equity-40
   Virtual currencies revaluation gain-183
   Gain on exchange of virtual currencies-60
   Total extraordinary income21417
  Extraordinary losses
   Loss on valuation of investment securities5468
   Impairment loss-291
   Loss on retirement of non-current assets-0
   Total extraordinary losses54360
  Profit before income taxes695670
  Income taxes—current627
  Income taxes—deferred15
  Total income taxes733
  Net income687636
  Profit attributable to non-controlling interests264
  Profit attributable to owners of parent661632



Statement of changes in shareholders' equity

(Unit: million yen)

 Shareholders' equity
Capital stockCapital surplusRetained lossesTreasury sharesTotal shareholders' equity
Balance at the biginning of the fiscal year7,77512,610-16,486-883,809
Changes during the fiscal year     
Issuance of new shares -- exercise of subscription rights to shares1,1651,165  2,330
Publication of the new stock(Use of the subscription warrant)    -
Change of scope of consolidation 278  278
Profit attributable to owners of parent  632 632
Change in ownership interest of parent due to transactions with non-controlling interests 26  26
Transfer by capital reduction-7,9407,940   
Change of scope of consolidation     
Deficit disposition -14,35714,357  
Others  0 0
Net changes of items other than shareholders’ equity     
Total changes during the fiscal year-6,775-4,94714,990-3,268
Balance at the end of the fiscal year1,7757,663-1,496-887,078
 Accumulated other comprehensive incomesubscription rights to sharesNoncontrolling interestsTotal net assets
difference on other securities
gains/losses on hedging
exchange adjustment account
Total other
accumulated comprehensive income
Balance at the beginning of the fiscal year2-100102-3004,213
Issuance of new shares      2,330
Issuance of new shares —- exercise of subscription rights to shares      -
Change of scope of consolidation      278
Profit attributable to owners of parent      632
Change in ownership interest of parent due to transactions with non-controlling interests      26
Transfer by capital reduction      -
Change of scope of consolidation      -
Deficit disposition      -
Others      0
Net changes of items other than shareholders' equity85-0085--300-215
Changes during the fiscal year85-0085--3003,000
Balance at the end of the fiscal year88-0100188--7,266

Condensed consolidated cash flow statement

(Unit: million yen)

 Year ended
October 2017
Year ended
October 2018
Cash flow from operating activities233373
Cash flow from investment activities-641-4,168
Cash flow from financial activities1,7744,206
Exchange rate difference in relation to cash and cash equivalents00
Increase (or decrease: -) in cash and cash equivalents1,367411
Opening balance of cash and cash equivalents7042,071
Closing balance of cash and cash equivalents2,0712,482